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Amir khan’s fight against Kell Brook could define his future

Amir Khan who was born in Bolton,England, is a British boxer and he is professional and is champion in this field. He has won unified WBA and IBF light welterweight titles. He currently holds WBC Silver Welterweight title. He is olympic boxing champion . he had won silver at Athens olympics at the age of 17.  He belongs to a punjabi rajpoot family. In this article Amir khan’s fight against Kell Brook  and how this fight will define his future, will be discussed.


Amir khan started his career in boxing at the age of 11. He is a gold medalist and has also won silver medals and many titles.  Besides this, he is involved in many community and charitable works. He also participates in cricket and basketball. Khan was also indulged in a tv programme for channel 4. Moreover, he was nominated for the 2011 BBC sports personality of the year january 2013 he was nominated for the Best at sport award at the British Muslim awards.

Kell Brook who is also a British Professional boxer and was born in 1986 in Sheffield,United Kingdom. He is the IBF welterweight champion currently. His first fight as a professional boxer was fought in september 2004 and he won the match and  became a champion many times. He is WBO intercontinental champion and he won this championship in 2010. Brook was raised by his adoptive father Terry and his mother Julie. Kell Brook has played many competitive matches and got injuries especially rib injury . but he got his championship maintained in order to become a perfect boxer.

Amir khan’s fight against Kell Brook

The news is that Amir khan’s fight against Kell Brook could define his future. Amir khan VS.Kell Brook would definitely be a most interesting fight ever. This would be a most significant fight in British boxing history. If the fight with Brook is announced early in 2016 then Amir khan may need a tune-up fight. It is considered that Amir khan’s fight with Brook will shape his career and if he wins he would get the world championship belt. The light welterweight king amir khan is waiting to be tested at higher level after making his decision to fight with Kell Brook who is the IBF champion to earn more and more dollars.

Although Brook had got leg wound during his holiday on september 2015, but he says that he is fine and would fight with Amir khan . this would be a big money fight. Both fighters are ready to go in the ring and to fight for maintaining their titles and to win a big money for a better future. Every one knows that Brook got 60 stiches to join muscles cut , which he got during last year’s holiday and he has faced a great loss due to this, but despite this he is confident and ready to fight to overcome the loss. Resources tell that Brook’s over confidence could become a successful future for Amir khan. Amir khan is ready to fight and he is offered $5 millions to beat Kell Brook. It’s time for Amir khan to be tested at higher level  and to hit a bright future and to make a world’s record.

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