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Eight Untapped Reasons To Hate Donald Trump and Biography

Reasons to hate Donald Trump and biography, Donald who was born in june,1946 in New York, is an American author, business man, investor and television personality. A little About Donald Trump is that founder of Trump organization in the US. He is also a candidate for president of US in 2016 presidential election . In this article, eight untapped reasons to hate Donald trump are going to be discussed. There are some reasons that why do people hate donald trump.

Reasons to hate Donald Trump:

Donald Trump is a Narcissist

Donald trump thinks himself a very important personality, he thinks that everyone should respect him. this characteristic makes him the most hateful personality. This self love quality makes him worse personality also a reasons to hate donald Trump.

He likes to show off his Wealth

Donald is the type of person who flaunts his wealth and likes to show off his wealth. He is the person who will talk more about the cost anything he owns no matter you ask him or not. This one is also a reason of Donald trump to be a hateful personality. He never misses a chance to brag off his reality shows, golf courses, luxury buildings etc.

He Is Racist

Donald exhibits some kind of prejudice against Latin/Hispanic community. Racism makes him the personality which you will not like ever. His beliefs about races and communities are hateful and are always disregarded. He states that security problems arise due to immigrants from Mexico and described them as traffickers and rapists that is also a reason to hate Donald Trump.

His Hair

One reason that makes Donald trump the most hateful personality, is his hair. This is the most annoying fact about him. No one would definitely want to have hairstyle like that of Donald’s hairstyle. it’s just a floppy mop of brown and white. His hair has taken on life of his own. It’s a swirling orange wisp which swirls around his head and plunges down to the eyebrows.

He is very Indecisive

Donald trump is also hateful for his characteristic of being indecisive. When it comes to political parties, Donald Trump has political identity crisis, being that he has switched between different political parties and given money to different parties. One year he is a democrat and he becomes republican in the next year. Now for the upcoming elections he is a republican but many politicians and parties dislike him. This fact of his being indecisive makes him hateful  personality.

He does not explain himself well

During the times he has attempted to run for the president, when it came to the interviews, he makes fool out of himself because he cannot explains himself properly and ends with a jerk instead of explaining himself smoothly. This is one of the most powerful reason out of eight top reasons which make Donald Trump a hateful personality. Lot of people hate him due to this reason.

He is Oblivious

Donald Trump deals or spends a lot of time on focusing on how people think about him and see him. He thinks that people judge him according to what he is wearing and how he is making is hairstyle. He is the type of person who will say that your pants are ugly while his own pants are uglier. And he will say others that your hair is not cool without looking at his own hair.

His views about Muslims

Donald Trump has an obvious prejudice against Muslim community. He was condemned by the opponents because he gave a proposal in polls about Muslims that the Muslims would not be allowed to enter in US . Many republicans supported his views and proposal and others rejected this, making Donald Trump the most hateful personality.


Donald Trump is the personality which is being hated by most of the people including political parties and other important personalities. This article reasons to hate Donald Trump reflects the top eight untapped reasons for which people dislike or hate Donald Trump.

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