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Increase Your Productivity by Avoiding Eight Bad Habits

Productivity is defined as the effectiveness of productive effort to produce something valuable,especially in industry and is measured in terms of ratio of output to the input. productivity can be enhaced in many ways, in every field of life , by using different skills and by producing different things. Productivity term is mostly used in business. This article throws light on eight bad habits that are going to kill your productivity.

Being productive means to work smarter not to work hard. Although hard work is important but for increase the ratio of productivity and efficiency, it is necessary to work smarter. This requires no more efforts instead it requires the efficient and creative mind setup.the eight habits which can harm your productivity and stop you from being productive, are going to be discussed in this article.


Bad Habits That Should BE Avoided to Increase Your Productivity


Many people believe that they can do many tasks at a time, but it’s not true. Researches and studies have proved that human mind can do only one task and can concentrate only to that at one time. So, multi-tasking is a bad and negative factor which reduce the efficiency of a task and thus effects the productivity badly.

Impulsive web browsing

People search for things and questions randomly. There are many side-trackers on websites which distract your attention from the main it is better to note down the questions and things on a notepad so that you can stop your mind from wandering around and can stick to the main point which you basically want to search. This impulsive browsing reduces the productivity level of an individual or in indusrty.

Sitting all day

Various researches and studies have proved that sitting all the day at one place and thinking new ideas is a haphazard and this influences your productivity rate badly because human mind needs fresh air also to think as it’s like a machine which will otherwise stop working. Moreover, goint outside and taking fresh air will produce more ideas.

Not getting enough sleep

Many ambitious people who want all things sudden, work harder and they keep working all the day and night and can’t get enough sleep. One reason of not getting regular sleep or maintaining sleep cycle is lower level of melatonin hormone which is being supressed by keeping mobile next tour bed. This is proved research. This factor or habit also reduces the productivity.

Not setting a work schedule

Work routine is very important for productive and smarter work. Don’t work when you feel like you should instead you should set up a working schedule.otherwise this bad habit of working without any routine will kill your productivity.


Many people only focus on being perfect  and not on comleting their work in time, so one should focuse on completing work at first and then one can go back and make things better and secondly you shoulld accept your mistakes to defeat perfectionism because this is the way to increase your productivity.

Being indecisive

Many people take too much time to decide any thing and this factor makes their productivity level lower and reduces their efficiency. Things must be decided in steps from complex ones to simpler ones, in order to avoid waste of time.

Comparing yourself to other people

Comparing your productivity level to that of others is a bad habit which will reduce your productivity. Set goals for being more productive and compare your success of present with past success and learn from your mistakes.


From this article, we can conclude that productivity rate should be increased for gaining success and this can be done by smart works and by avoiding those bad habits that are killing your productivity level as mentioned in this article.

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