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Martha Raddatz Biography And know About Her Career

Martha Raddatz Biography:

Martha Raddatz Bio

Martha Raddatz who was born in 1953, in idaho Falls, Idaho,US, is an American News reporter. She is the network’s chief global correspondent. Martha who is 62 years old, lives in Arlington, Virginia. She lives with her husband Tom Gjelten who is a journalist. Tom is her third husband with whom she married in 1997. She has two children. Ben Bradlee Jr. Julius Genachowsky was her second husband. Important things people know about Martha Raddatz are going to be discussed in this article.  Martha Raddatz is a fact-oriented reporter.

Martha Raddatz has many fans and developed trust among people due to her honest and brilliant reporting which made her a famous personality. She published pieces in the New Republic.

Martha Raddatz Career:

Martha Raddatz started her career professionally in 1999 that is more than 16 years ago, when she joined ABC news. Prior to 1993, Martha Raddatz was a chief correspondent to ABC news channel. From 1993-1998, she was correspondent of National Public Radio.  In 2006, she and ABC news  became the first organization to break the news after she had received a tip that terrorist Abu Musab-al-Zarqawi who was the leader of Al Qaida Iraq, has been located and killed. This was the most amazing debut of her wonderful career. She worked as a democrate and her democratic debates made her successful journalist and she is also a writer who is known for Washington Week in Review(1967), Good morning America (1975) and ABC news nightline in 1980.  She also declared about the death of Osama-Bin-Laden exclusively for ABC news.

She acted as a moderator of vice-presidential debate on October 2012 between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden. She is an Award-winning Journalist who had won many awards for her brilliant debates , reports and performances as a news caster. Martha Raddatz has reported on foreign policy for almost 20 years. she is the author of’ Long road Home’. she was named senior foreign affairs correspondent in 2008. She is a good moderator , having a humanistic approach. She also worked as a political commentator.


Martha Raddatz had won many awards for her brilliant performances. In 2012, she was presented and honored with first Amendment award from the radio t.v. digital news foundation. She was also honored with Peabody award and Emmy award. In 2007, she also won the international Urbino press award. She also won 1996 Overseas press club award and 2005 Daniel Pearl Award from Chicago Journalists Association.

She had many more awards and she deserved them. Her reporting was recognized with the National Headliner Award for team coverage of 1968 presidential compaign. She was also awarded Merriman Smith memorial award for excellence in presidential news coverage.

2015 is a year which makes Martha Raddatz busy but there is  no confirmation and details about what she is actually planning or planning to do next to flourish her career. According to sources, Martha’s net value has been increased significantly in year 2015.


This article provides the overview of Martha Raddatz’ life and career and about the achievements  of Martha who is a famous news reporter and an Award-winning journalist. She is working harder and harder to make more worth of her and ABC news channel .

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