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Pixee Fox Looks like a Cartoon Character And Removed Six Ribs

Pixee Fox belong to Sweden but now a days she living in North Carolina and she doing work as a stripper. Swedish Model Pixee Fox is now having the thinnest waist in history and Fox always have that dream and wanna look slim like cartoon Character. Now she did and removed six ribs to shrink the waist through surgery. Really She have a crazy dream and people said that you already look like cartoon character you don’t need to do this but she never listened anyone and wants that dream come true.She made a list of surgeries which she wanna to do for transformation in 2016.

Recently in Barcroft tv channel made a documentary on Pixee Fox. In this documentary show’s that she removed her six ribs and spend $120,000 on surgery. Fox rib removal surgery took Five hours and she know very well about that pain which she felt at that time.Fox already done multiple cosmetic surgery to modified own body. Actually she wants to beat Cathie Jung who is current record holder with a 15 Inch thin or smallest waist. Pixee Fox reduced and having almost 16 inches with a corset and she think that if i word hard and care all things and workout with continue accourding to lifestyle then she will have 14 inches that is world’s smallest waist.

Pixee Fox already having stunning figure, but Fox actually inspired by two most famous cartoon characters who are Tinker Bell and Jessica Rabbit and also inspired by Disney cartoon with tiny waists then she decided to reshape her body and face through plastic surgery. Fox Calls her journey like a cartoon transformation and also she said to those people how criticize like

“I don’t care those people who think about me like insane, stupid and disgusting. I know the aftereffect means consequences and risk,” This status updated on Sunday “Everyone wants that he/she look different from other in our life and that thing are beautiful for them.

She said that people come up and say don’t do this this is wrong way and you already look like a cartoon. Initially my inspiration with TinkerBell but after my surgery or transformation I am starting to look like Jessica Rabbit.

Pixee-Fox-Looks-like-a-Cartoon-Character-by-Removed-own-RibsIn starting doctors was not taking serious about that which I want but that is my dream and always in my mind so I will do that thing to increase the beauty then finally doctors starting to take seriously and also they think I am not a crazy Girl. Dr Barcroft said about Pixee Fox that it’s required “an extremely motivated patient for remove the ribs”. Rib removal cosmetic surgery is really hard but she have a dream from last 3 years.

After two week of my surgery and I get really good result and now I’m Supper duper happy! Because my dream come true and now i am looks like Jessica Rabbit, that makes me corset. I am thinking and gonna to do hip and butt surgery in few weeks and I always trying to fix things that makes me beautiful.

Poxee actually not showing and promoting own body but she wants that other people chase me like a aspirations, “I do not want that other people inspired and get plastic surgery. The main things is that what you want and what your dreams and then determinant and follow dreams yourself.”

We will not judge the beauty by modification and its dose not means that we can’t feel sad. She spend a lot of money to fix that things which she wants. Moderation is actually the reality of plastic surgery and help people with self-esteem.

Now fox no longer eat regular things like heavy meat, bread  because she have a new schedule to eat fruits, vegetables and nuts from a blender.She feel really good and very happy because she did that things which she want from last 3 years.

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