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Pretty Hair Colors For 2016 Which Make You More Adorable

Pretty Hair Colors is the pigmentation of hair follicles which is due to two types of melanin namely eumelanin and pheomelanin. Eumelanin makes the hair color darker if it’s present in high level and vice versa.A person’s hair color change due to variation in levels of melanin pigmentation. Natural hair colors are black , brown , blond, white and red. Trendy and unique pretty hair colors for 2016 are going to be discussed in this article. Natural pretty hair colors can be changed by using chemicals either permanently or temporarily.  Men and women both can make themselves adorable by using different hair colors to wear a new look. Some of the best hair color trends and styles which are going to be in during the year 2016, making the year more colorful and making you more adorable, are discussed below.

Galaxy Hair

One of the top pretty brown hair colors trend is galaxy hair. This trendy hair color look entails multi tonal hair color scheme ranging from blue, purple, green, red and sometimes including silver shade. This makes you more adorable with pretty hair colors for dark blue eyes. This gives you a finishing look and most in style that is ensured to be used in future. Galaxy hair color trend will make you feel better and charming in the coming year 2016 and would be one of the mostly used and demanding pretty hair colors for pale skin and blue eye styles in 2016. While making the year more colorful .

Hair Contouring

Pretty hair colors for brown hairs by using a combination of light and dark color to fill the face with shadow and applying the color on specific areas  creates a totally different look and face shape and you can look more adorable. This trend is called hair contouring. It makes you more adorable and attractive. Hair contouring is becoming more famous and popular pretty hair color for fair skin trend day by day.

Sand Art Hair

One of the trendy and really pretty hair colors is sand art hair which will become more famous in 2016  and this trend is inspired by glass bottles you filled up with stripey layers of vibrant and hued sand. Sand art pretty different hair colors is most used color and it gives you a fairy look and face shape which you want.

Tie-Dye hair

This hair color trend entails separating the hair into chunks and taking it off at 3-4 inch interval from roots to tips and then tying them with a rubber band to ensure that color does not intermix and then start dying.  This color trend will make you more adorable , charming and attractive and is going to be one of the popular hair styles in 2016.

Pretty Hair Colors in Winter

Bronde hair color and blonde colors with natural roots, full length highlights coloring and deep chocolate adopted by celebrities will make you more adorable look and you should adopt it during this winter specially because these colors give you warmth and add add charm to you beauty. Pretty hairstyles and colorsBlonde and copper hair colors are also becoming in for the new pretty different hair colors 2016 and these colors keep you hot , warm and adorable. If you have dark skin then choose auburn hair while fair skinned should prefer copper colors to become charming.


Hair color adds charm to your beauty and most trendy hair colors discussed in the articles will catch your attention. No matter which trend you adopt, but you should keep it in mind that hair colors must be according to your face shape and your natural look should not be demolished or masked. New trends of hair colors will add beauty and colors to the coming year 2016.

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