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Things You Should Know About Hillary Rodham Clinton | Hillary Clinton Biography

Hillary Rodham Clinton Biography

Hillary clinton is an American politician, born on 26 october 1947 in Chicago, United states. She was raised in a Methodist family.She worked as the secretary of the state for years(2009 to 2013), under the President Obama and this contrbution or status made her popular. Bill clinton who is 42nd president of US, is his husband with whom she married in 1975. She is playing roles as a democrate from 1968 to present. She lives in new york now and is also known as a republician. Her father was a business man and her mother was a house maker.  In this article, you will get to know latest news and more details about Hillary Clinton.

Hillary was the first lady to hold up a postgraduate degree and a professional career of her own. She took part in many policies and compaigns as a first lady. She was first to have an office in west wing of white house.she claims to be a pro-women but she is not practically doing this. She has ruined lives of many women who were sexually assaulted by her husband Bill, as reported by those it proves that she is not a feminist. She ruined lives of many women in order to save her husband from such scandals which would otherwise effect his career.she was elected as US. Senator from New york.

In the elections that took place in 2008 , she was a prominent or leading candidate for the democratic presidential nomination. As US first lady, she continued to maintain a balance between public service and her personal life. Her active role and career begin in 1993. She worked for health related compaigns and raising public awareness for this purpose. Hillary clinton won hearts of many people with her speeches and claims as a feminist. But in actual she is a hypocrate as reported by most of the women.


Hillary Rodham Clinton Achievements and Success

Hillary clinton has a plan for economy and this plan starts with raising incomes of Americans . she had fought for children and families for at approximately 40 years. She took a job at Childre’s defence fund, after completing her schooling.she took part in health care reform for families and for disabled children.

She believes that we can defeat global terrorism by acting on three steps. She claims that we have to break the back of ISIS, for this purpose we have to break its momentum or growth at first. Then we need to disrupt terrorists’ infrastucture. Give in to fear, for defeating enemies. This is her plan which she suggested to defeat terrorism.

By now, she has been famous as a celebrity. She won Grammy award in 1997 for Best spoken word for her  audiobook named” it takes a village”. She wanted to become an astranaut as a kid and wrote a letter to NASA but NASA refused by saying that we don’t take girls. She continued to fight throughout her life in fighting against scandals. She claims to be a feminist and superficially she worked for women rights but actively she is not doing this. She is a  democrate and she does everything she can do, to save her professional career from such scandals.

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