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Things You Know About Winter Sports Vs Summer Sports

Winter Sports Vs Summer Sports: “Sport is an activity involving physical exercises and skills in which one individual or team compete with another ,for entertainment. Sports include racing,baseball,tennis,golf,cricket,hunting etc”.

Winter Sports Vs Summer Sports

Winter Sports Vs Summer Sports Games

A winter sport is a recreational activity which is played during cold months, these sports include ice skating, snowballing, ice swimming,ice climbing and skiing. Some plays are playing only during winters. Winter sports and games are not as much source of fun as compared to summer sports and games.

A summer sport is defined as those games and plays which are mostly played during summer months. Summer sports are source of great fun and to play outside in a sunshine.for example basketball, volleyball, golf, soccer, football, tennis, baseball and biking etc… This article entails some facts and things about winter sports vs summer sports, this comparison may attract your attention and may be it can become a topic of debate.

Winter olympics are considered better as compared to summer olympics because summer olympians are concerned with muscle pulling.the injuries at winter games will make you squeamish,though. This year many injuries are reported for example broken nose, broken spine and broken ribs.

Winter olympics are played in air. jumping,aerials. The aerial acrobatics are the best part of a winter olympic games. This thing about winter sports vs summer sports makes winter olympics better than summer olympics.

Winter games don’t draw the most of the crowd due to cold weather. Winter olymics did not draw more attention of participants as compared to summer sports. So winter sports vs summer sports is a topic of debate now a days . weakest summer sports are even considered better as compared to strongest winter games.

Winter sports are played mostly indoor while during summer , warning signs are greater for safety as these games are played outdoor. Researches have shown that the snowboarding accident rate is higher than rate for summer pastimes like boating, swimming, hiking and fishing in Winter Sports Vs Summer Sports etc.

Different participants give different views  about what weather is best for games and sports. Sports played in winter attract less crowd and participants and provide less fun and amusement as compared to sports and games played during summer months which attract more participants and are huge source of fun and amusement.

Summer sports cause more injuries because they mostly are played outdoors while winter sports are supposed to play indoors and are less likely to harm or injure the players.


This article suggests that there are different views or things you know about Winter Sports Vs Summer Sports list but there is not sufficient data or information which can prove that which weather is best for sports and games either in winter or in summer months.  Many researches have shown that summer injuries’ rates are higher during sports and olympics played in summer due to muscle pulling, as compared to injury rates during winter season. This article will attract your attention toward the comparison of winter sports and games with the summer sports.

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